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Silver - Brass - Gold



You are very welcome to our Sale & Exhibition of Photography, Hats, Sculptures, Ceramics, Paintings, Events & Jewellery!

Handmade original gifts for Christmas

We are open Tuesday–Thursday 14u-18u and Friday–Sunday 12u-18u

9 to 23 December on Brusselsesteenweg 34 in Tervuren centre


Pia, Bea, Maurine, Tiet, Hella, Borislav, Jean-Marie & Steve


I will not be there every day, so if you come specially for my jewellery, please leave me a message in advance to make sure I am there




Scandinavian Minimalistic Design

Handmade jewellery: Earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and rings in Silver, Brass and Gold

Met de hand gemaakte juwelen: Oorbellen, halsband, hangers, armbanden en ringen in Zilver, Messing en Goud

Bijoux artisanaux faits main : Boucles d’oreille, colliers, pendentifs, bracelets et bagues en Argent, Laiton et Or


A marriage between the circle and the square

The impression of movement and minor imperfections, which all handmade jewelleries have, draw attention and makes every jewellery unique


Een huwelijk tussen de cirkel en het vierkant

De impressie van beweging en de kleine imperfecties, eigen aan alle met de hand gemaakte juwelen, trekken de aandacht en maken van elk juweel een uniek, fraai stuk


Un mariage entre le cercle et le carré

L'impression de mouvement et les imperfections mineures que comportent les bijoux artisanaux, attirent le regard et font de chaque bijou une pièce vraiment unique

Display at HappiSkin in Tervuren, www.HappiSkin.be

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